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‘Christian Cliché’s and ½ Truths

by jim

Throughout the series, we are taking a look at common saying and phrases that are often times mistakenly believed to be in the Bible.  We will examine the phrases and talk about some of the things that may be misleading and dangerous about the phrases- while at the same time looking to the scriptures for […]

The Weeping Prophet

by jim

In this short three week sermon series we are going to take a brief look at the life and ministry of the prophet Jeremiah. Here was a man who was called to the unhappy task of announcing the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah as a result of their rebellion against God. Despite the book’s […]

Alabaster Month

by jim

September is ‘Alabaster Month.’ Twice a year we take an Alabaster Offering. This is a special offering that is given to the Mission of God all over the world in the form of churches, schools, hospitals, and medical clinics. Do you have loose change? Sure you do! Collect it and bring it to church on […]

All Events Cancelled Due to dangerous snow conditions

by jim

Pastor Jay and board at Journey Church has cancelled all events at Journey Church for December 15. There will be no Sunday School or Sunday Service due to the dangerous road conditions. Stay safe and we pray you have a blessed week.

Winter Storm News

by jim

My guess is that by now many of you have heard about the winter storm that is expected to hit the northeast starting Saturday evening.  There have been estimations of snowfall anywhere from 6 inches to well over a foot.  Because of this, we have decided to push back the children’s musical to Sunday, December 22nd.    The last thing […]