How Can I Serve? The short answer is – in whatever way expresses your gifts and talent!  If you want to serve God at Journey Church there is probably a place just for you.  Please review our Servant Leaders page and see if you can identify an area that matches the unique personality and strengths that God has given you.  Then simple contact that leader and share your wish to get involved.  We understand that when we discover God, He fills us more and more with a love for Him.

When you love somebody, you begin to love the things that they love.  It’s no different with Jesus Christ.  The Bible tells us that God loved the world so much, He came as Jesus Christ to save us from ourselves and the darkness that lives within the human condition.  So we love the world too, serving each other and our community.  We serve not as a compulsion, not to try to win ourselves into God’s affection, and not to try to manipulate God.  There is no need for that, as God has promised that everyone who seeks Him will find Him.  Rather, we serve as a free expression of joy for this new life lived with God and with each other.

What Needs Doing? There are a hundred roles both within and outside the church:  Musicians, singers, audio/visual technicians, greeters and welcomers, cleaners, nursery attendants, children’s helpers, prayers, note writers, visitors, encouragers, Bible study students and leaders, Life Group hosts and leaders, compassion meal cookers, missions encouragers, helping to pack crisis care packages for disaster relief, helping our program to drill water wells in Haiti, helping in soup kitchens, serving meals to homeless people, fixing cars, helping with home chores, visiting elders, care volunteers for the community, van and bus drivers, graphic designers, decorators, gardeners, painters, artists and creative people, photographers, administrators and business leadership…   Did we miss something?.

Where do I start? Please don’t wait to be asked – just let one of the pastors or leaders know that’d like to contribute.  Church is not just about receiving – it’s about living out the love of God inside us, too!

What if I’m not ready for that level of involvement? Relax.  Our way of doing church means that Journey Church is a ‘hospitable space’ – a safe place to seek ,encounter and discover God.  So, come and grow in faith at your own pace, in your own way.  At first you’ll probably want to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy great music, take in the teaching and meet new people.  Just know that if you want to get more involved, there are opportunities to do so.  You’re welcome.