Celebrating Life’s Milestones

Throughout history we mark the milestones of life, some solemn, some celebratory, but always together, in family and in the community.  We share these important moments with each other and with God as we bring ourselves before Him in humble obedience and within the context of the church – the community of His people.  As a Church of the Nazarene we welcome you from our parish community to mark the important events of your life, and your family’s life, within this church.

Church, Community

Please connect with Pastor to share your request and to make your arrangements.  There is normally no charge for members of the church.  If you are joining us from our parish community, we do charge for our services, to help us meet the costs of ministry here at Journey Church.  Pastor will discuss these costs with you.  We welcome everyone in our community to honor God in their life events.  As a Christian church our services and worship will always honor Christ as we mark and celebrate life together.

Infant Baptism or Dedication

Here at Journey Church we seem to have a lot of babies so celebrating new lives is something we do a lot!  We understand that Christening, or infant baptism, is a tradition as old as the church herself.  In infant baptism, the parents or guardians baptize their child as a promise to God to bring this child up in the knowledge of Christ – to train their children as growing Christians. Baptism always involves water – a sign of the Holy Spirit and new life.  We gentle pour or sprinkle a little water on the baby’s head.  Baptism is the rite of entry into the church – the family of Christ.

However some parents prefer to leave baptism as a choice for their children when they are grown enough to make their own decision to follow Jesus Christ.  In this case, parents or guardians may dedicate their children.  In dedication, we don’t use water, but pray together to dedicate the child to Christ and to promise God that we will bring up the child in a Christian home.

Both baptism and dedication honor God, and involve profound promises to create an environment of Godly nurture and instruction to give your child knowledge and wisdom to lead the Christ-centered life that is God’s desire for each of us.  Without such an upbringing, children may grow up ignorant of the Christian life and therefore ill-equipped to make informed faith decisions as they reach adulthood.  So we encourage all parents to commit to bless their children with the knowledge and promises of a God who treasures children and invites each of us into newness of life together with Him.

Adult Baptism

Adult baptism, sometimes called ‘believers baptism’ is a decision by a responsible person (of any age) to publically declare that they will follow Jesus Christ for the rest of their lives.  We become baptized as an act of joyful, humble obedience to the command of Jesus, that everyone who follows Him should be baptized.  Every Christian should be baptized.  Baptism is the rite of entry into the church – the body of Christ, the community of those who follow Him.  Again, as a Church of the Nazarene, we honor every baptism tradition.  You may choose to be baptized by:

Full immersion:

    The pastor will stand with you in waist-deep water, pray over you, hear your brief statement of faith, and lay you back so that you are covered in the water, and then lift you up again.  This is perhaps the clearest demonstration of laying your old life down in an ‘act of burial’, washing yourself in God’s Spirit, and lifting up to start a new life with Him.  Full immersion baptism typically happens in a baptistery, or a river, or the sea.  In summer months we often baptize people in a family swimming pool and often accompanied by a BBQ celebration!


    In the presence of the church, Pastor will stand with you, pray over you and hear your brief statement of faith.  He will then dip his hand into a bowl of water and sprinkle water upon your head with his fingers.  This is a beautiful and dignified baptism ceremony that has a centuries old history in the church.


    Very similar to sprinkling, except Pastor will take a small bowl of water and gently pour in over your head, symbolizing the generous pouring out of God’s Spirit upon you, and the washing of the new life in Christ.  Again, pouring has a long and dignified history in the church.


Marriage is God’s design for all men and women who are not otherwise called to a life of chastity, reflecting the deep and mystical union of body, heart and spirit between two adults.  Your wedding day is one of the most wonderful days of your life and we want you to honor God as you start your life together in Christian marriage.  Pastor is always delighted to marry couples either in our sanctuary or in other locations – both in churches and in nature.
Pastor will encourage you to seek high quality marriage preparation, and is usually willing to offer counseling to you as you seek together to build a solid foundation for lifelong marriage success.  We also ask that your marriage vows, whether traditional or innovative, honor Christ and express the covenant commitment of Christian marriage.  Please contact Pastor or the church office to start your wedding day arrangements.

As a Nazarene church we recognize marriage between one man and one women.  While we genuinely welcome and profoundly value and love all people of every tradition and at every stage of spiritual growth we respectfully and sensitively do not solemnize same-gender unions, humbly believing that traditional marriage is God’s design for providing children and expressing the deep relationship between Christ and His church.  For more information and to share your thoughts, Pastor welcomes you to connect with him.

Prayer for the Sick

Our pastors are available to pray with and over us when we experience times of illness or other times of need.  We delight in a life of prayer.  Please connect with a pastor to make your request known.  Our pastors pray for or with people in church, privately or as part of one of our worship services. Pastors also visit homes to pray with those in need, and are known at all of our local and Boston area hospitals.
An ancient, profound and wonderful act of prayer is to anoint the sick with oil as a sign and mark of the Holy Spirit’s presence with us as we pass through times of sickness or spiritual need. Please let the pastor know if you would like to be anointed.  He will take a drop of pure oil from a little bottle and mark it upon your forehead as we pray together as a physical reminder of Jesus’ promise to never leave us.


As we mark the end of life together, we give thanks for the life of the deceased and honor them and God as we memorialize them, and provide funeral services and either crematorium or graveside committal.  Please contact Pastor directly, or ask your funeral director to contact pastor on your behalf.  We are pleased to serve you with our sanctuary, or in your chosen funeral location, and will seek to minister to you and your family as we honor the deceased.  Journey Church can also provide our musical leadership for your service.