Why Membership?

We welcome everyone to Journey Church and want to encourage everyone who is seeking more of God, or just exploring the promises and claims of the Christian life.  In the early days of this life of following Jesus Christ, the church was called ‘The Way’.  This ancient name suggests that spiritual growth towards God is a journey into the person of Christ.  The name ‘Christian’ was originally a derisory term meaning ‘little Christ’.  How proud we are to bear this name!  That we might take a new name upon ourselves indicates a completely new identity for ourselves when we step into The Way.  The church then, is a community of Christ Followers who are committed not only to Jesus, but to each other.  We are deeply rooted in this life together, nurturing, caring for and encouraging each other is a friendship marked with fun, joy and a wonderful for-ever future together.

That’s not to suggest that we are a clique.  Far from it.  We hope to be an easy group of people to move into, to find your place here, to make new friends and join this journey together.  When the time comes for you move up to put roots down with us and grow with us, there is ‘membership’ as a step of commitment.

What does membership mean?

It means that you have made two commitments: to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of your life, and to commit to grow with your church community at Journey Church.  You could say that it’s the difference between being a friend, and being family.  Our standards of membership are high and the commitment is a real one.  We expect every member to care for and grow themselves and other members, creating a positive encouraging atmosphere.  We don’t judge, criticize or gossip.  Instead we encourage, build up and care for each other.  At Journey Church we don’t want to be light-weight Christians, paddling in the shallows.  We want to really know Jesus and discover all that He wanted us to be, as individuals, and together.  We talk about this as Christlikeness – becoming like Jesus Himself – not just in our outward behaviors but inside – where real change means to think about God, ourselves, others and the world differently.  We understand this was always God’s design for us, and it’s a life of joy and selflessness.  But it’s also a life of sacrifice and expensive love – and we need each other on this journey into the deep things of God.  Member area expected to tithe to the church, and can vote at all church meetings.  Membership isn’t for everyone,  it’s for the serious and the commitment seeker of God.  Just know that when you are ready, there is a deeper level of commitment to Christ’s body – the church.

How to I become a member?

Just ask one of the church leaders, or speak to Pastor directly.  Journey Church runs membership classes that typically last one evening a week for 3 weeks,  This will ensure you understand the  foundations of the Christian life and the promises and privileges of membership.  After you have completed the membership class, you’ll talk and pray with Pastor to decide together if membership is right for you.  If so, you’ll be welcomed into membership during a worship service with a simple but meaningful handshake and the church family will applaud your commitment.

What if I’m not ready for that level of involvement?

Relax.  Membership is meant for those who want to covenant together.  You’ll be right at home in Journey Church just by being here.  Our way of doing church means that Journey Church is a ‘hospitable space’ – a safe place to seek ,encounter and discover God.  So, come and grow in faith at your own pace, in your own way.  That’s how we all made our starts, and it’s our pleasure to welcome you as our visitor, and our guest.  People tell us that Journey Church are easy folks to get along with.  We trust that you’ll agree.