Worship is a church word. It means to adore – to think someone is fantastic and wonderful, amazing and awesome. We feel this about Jesus Christ and God. He is worth more than anything. Worth-ship. Worship. At Journey Church we understand that worship isn’t something that you just do on Sunday mornings. It’s a lifestyle – actually a way of life. Everything we do takes on fresh new meaning when we discover God and start to live with Him.

Whole of Life Worship

Worship is about letting the truth of God govern every aspect of our lives. This includes our hopes, dreams, ambitions, and way we use of talents, skills, time and yes, our money. If you want to know what is important in your life, just review your calendar and your spending. Read our Financial page to learn about our ethics and approach to giving. We encourage members of our church community to give to support the life of the church. For guests and visitors we welcome you without any obligation to give at all. We are not interested in your money. Give or not as God and you agree.

We approach our work and our friendships as worship too. We encourage everyone to do their work well, as if to honor God. We encourage each other to be good friends, celebrating our new life in Jesus, filled with truth, love, and kindness. When we live well, our lives worship God.

We serve in our local community and support God’s work overseas. God loves the world so much He came as Jesus Christ to show us Himself perfectly, to die for us, and came through life to promise us life forever with Him. We want everyone to know about this new life. So we serve in our community to live out the new life and we support wonderful work in our missions force abroad. Read more about this amazing work on our Missions page.