Across the centuries, preaching has been a key element in any community of Christians.  It is the time when our spiritual leader – our pastor, brings to us the gold that he has mined from his time alone with God and his study of the Bible.  Our pastor is a lifelong student of God, the Bible our society, and people.  From the intersection of these studies, he declares to us the truth about God and ourselves.

Preaching is a gift from God God reaches out to us – to the whole person, body, spirit, emotions and intellect.  He meets us in every area of ourselves and transforms us from the inside out.  Preaching is an important part of this process.  If we understand preaching as God being declared among us, we will open our minds and hearst to what he has to say and encounter God in new ways. Preaching is a gift from God to us.

Biblical: While we love our pastor and we want to hear from him, we very much want to hear from God through our pastor! As such our pastor and his associate pastors study the Bible, recognizing it as the ‘word of God’ for humankind.  Their calling to ministry and years of academic training give them the theological tools necessary to lead us into the deep things of God, opening up the new life of God to us every week as they study, teach and preach Biblical truth.

Relevant: This is no academic exercise.  God means to intersect our own individual life-story with His transforming Spirit, to encounter us and invite us into a new life with Him – not just in the next life – but in the here and now.  St Journey Church our preaching is relevant to our lives today, is practical and every week we come away with new things to build us up, both as individuals and together.  Jesus was never boring or irrelevant when He preached, and our pastor strives to preach full of God’s Spirit too.