Sometimes when we think of worship we first think of music in church – praise music. Christians in the Nazarene tradition have always enjoyed music and we like to sing together. Music is a wonderful international language that touches and moves everyone. Sometimes the music can speak to us in ways that nothing else can. Sometimes in music we can speak to God in ways that we couldn’t otherwise. So music can become a spiritual language all on its own. Singing music together does even more than that though. It also builds us together as friends on a common journey of discovering God. It forms ‘community’. We are all different and Journey Church includes people from every walk of life. What we have in common is a hunger to find more of God and worshiping in music can bring us together.


We seem to have a lot of talented and creative people in music and the arts. That’s wonderful because God is the creator and our creativity comes from him. If you’d like to join in our creative and music worship, just connect with  Jim Rearick.