In the Bible, Jesus Christ has quite a bit to say about money.  Money is a fact of life, and while we don’t talk about money much, we want you to know how we handle our financial affairs at Journey Church, and our attitude towards the management and use of the money that passes through our church.  Ministry costs money.  We don’t get any external funding at all, so all the money we need comes from the gifts and offerings you give.  Here is what you should know.

Money Has Its Place

We use every penny that we get to do the work of God.  That includes paying our staff a modest living, paying our bills on time and then caring for the needs within the church and outside the church.  We don’t love money, we love God.  We see money as a blessing and use it wisely, carefully, and with integrity.  We don’t have any debts.  We live within our means.


We maintain meticulous accounts, and are externally audited every year.  We maintain transparent church accounts within the church membership and leadership. Every financial transaction is checked by at least two people. We are, and are committed to always living out the highest ethics financially, as in every aspect of our lives.  We see our financial care as a form of worship to God.  Journey Church gives about 10% of its income every year to our missions work in the US and abroad.

Personal Finances

Jesus taught His disciples the value of living the ancient Bible ways – of ‘tithing’: to give the best 10% of our financial gains to God, to fund the work of the people of God.  We encourage everyone to tithe as being normative for Christians, but demand only that each Christ-follower give as their conscience dictates. Visitors and guests are not expected to give financially – you are our guests and we are delighted to just have your company.  Our giving is not a burden, but rather a cheerful and celebratory way of worshiping God.  God is the master of all that we have.  After all, everything we have ultimately comes from Him in the first place.