‘Journey Church’ is a name that fits us quite well!  We’ve been in the Londonderry/Hudson/Derry area for 100 years. Starting as a home prayer group in Derry in 1908 we became the ‘Derry Church of the Nazarene’ in 1910.   In 1975 the church moved to Londonderry.  Since then, we have worshipped in a variety of locations across the years, always doing our best to remain relevant to the times and valuing Christian community above buildings. Journey Church people worship, live and work here in our community. We work closely with other local churches of every type and with the other 100+ Nazarene churches in New England.

We also believe that the Christian life is a journey as well.  Once we have decided to trust and follow Jesus, we begin a lifelong journey of learning and growing in Christ.