Little Lives serves children ages 3 to 11. Our goal is to present the message of Christ in a manner that excites children to learn more about God. Recognizing that not all children who worship with us have been introduced to the gospel, we are committed to showing Christ’s love while at the same time furthering the Biblical knowledge of children raised in Christian homes.

Ministry in Action

Sunday Morning Worship

Journey Church understands the importance of a kid-friendly worship space conducive to meeting God in a fun way. For this reason, separate classrooms within our building have been dedicated to children’s ministry. All members of our congregation who work with children and youth have passed a thorough screening and background check. When a child arrives for Little Lives, he or she is checked into a computer system and given a name tag, while the parent is given a corresponding pager. No one but the child’s parents or other adults designated by the parent may pick up that child from our children’s ministry area.

During the morning worship service you might find us singing and dancing to our favorite music, sharing a Bible story, playing a lively game or two, engaging in drama, enjoying puppets, learning through multi-media, or working on art projects. No matter what is going on in our class, we are putting the Word of God into action.

Special Events

Being part of a Christian community is an integral part of God’s plan for our lives. It’s why we plan multiple special events for Little Lives throughout the year. Harvest parties in the fall, Christmas celebrations, Valentine’s Day parties, Easter Egg hunts, summer barbeques, and back to school parties are just a few of the fun events that provide opportunity for fun with our Christian friends. Of course, parents are always welcome to join in the fun at these events.

Community Service

Our children’s ministry is led by Eryn Richards and Carrie Smith. Both hold degrees in Early Childhood education and a have a passion for getting young children to understand God loves them for who they are. Even with strong leaders such as these, the Little Lives ministry is most successful when it has the support of parents, volunteers, and the prayers of those who share our mission. Come be part of our efforts to answer the call of Proverbs 22:6 — “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”